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  1. I am trying to find out information about your choir, such as when it was established, the mission of your chorus, any info you can give me. I am writing a report on African Artist for a non western art class for Harold Washington College and I would like to write about your organization. Thank You John Chiczewski

  2. Hello, i work at Achievers we just had the KBC come to our office this afternoon for a small performance. My friend was wondering how to book a time for KBC to have a small perfomance at his workplace in Downtown Toronto?

  3. Hi.
    I work at the Langley Fine Arts School in Fort Langley British Columbia (30 minutes outside of Vancouver).
    Our school started sister school program called Pa-Moja (originally called Project Kenya Sister School). Pa-Moja raises funds that go to communities in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy as well as building ties with students in those communities.
    We also have a program in our school called Arts Matter. In this program, a special guest comes in to the school and works with our students during the afternoon, and then there is an evening performance where student work is performed or presented, and the special guest talks about their own work, and why Arts Matter in our world. We are holding an Arts Matter event on the evening of Monday, October 19. Our special guest is Canadian Author, Lawrence Hill. He has written several novels including the Book of Negroes and his current release is call The Immigrant. I would like to know, if the Kenyan Boys Choir are in the Vancouver area, if they would be interested in performing as part of our evening performance?
    I can be reached at 778-808-3703. I will also try to text Fredrick, Henry and Kelvin.
    Thanks for your time.
    -Kevin Statham

  4. Hello!

    I hope all is well. My name is Daniel and I am an editor with Stories Without Boarders, a nonprofit production company. Stories Without Borders exists to produce content that connects people across borders: cultural, geographic, political, socioeconomic or otherwise. Our team recently completed a trip to the Meru region of Kenya to report on the tea industry. We left Kenya with an amazing story and are currently producing the first part of our online documentary. In doing so, I have been tasked with finding appropriate music. In searching, I found your version of Jambo Bwana on YouTube and was extremely impressed.

    We are very interested inusing the recording for a part of our project, but wanted to reach out to you first. This project is purely nonprofit journalism and will be distributed on a platform called We are interested in using the entire track for this project.

    I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts and look forward to hearing from you soon.



  5. Dear Kenyan Boys Choir,

    My name is Brett “Mr. Eco” Edwards and I believe monumental change comes from the youngest members of society. I use music to teach and empower kids to become environmental activist called “EcoHeroes.”

    You can find out more about me here: I have performed for 125,000+ students at schools in the United States and have 475,000+ YouTube views from music videos from my first album.

    I am reaching out to see if your choir, or any individual kids you know, would be interested in collaborating on a song on my next album that is featuring youth from around the world!

    So far there is a choir from the US, the Bahamas and Romania represented.

    Would love to set up a time to discuss this opportunity further with you.

    Thanks for your time and consideration in advance!

    Brett “Mr. Eco” Edwards

  6. Hello,

    I am a student at The United States International University – Africa. I am interested in joining the Kenyan Boys Choir. Is that in any way possible. If it is please contact me on 0724805832 or on my email address

    K. René Odanga

  7. Please give KICD a quotation for entertainment for the end of year party scheduled for 22nd Dec. The quotation should cover entertainment, MC, PA system, DJ and transport costs.

  8. Hi,

    I live in Salt Lake City, Utah USA and have written a song called Christmas Wish. The song was recently recorded by the One Voice Children’s Choir of Salt Lake City and I have included the URL to the web site, so you can give it a listen. My vision is to globalize the song and promote peace worldwide. I believe your amazing sound and presence would take the song and listeners to a place of peace in each of us. After listening to the song, please let me know if this is something you are interested in.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Mark Krantz

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. We’ll listen to the song and send you our feedback. We applaud you for taking up a noble cause and supporting global peace. We have recently done a peace song available on our latest album LIBERTY. find it on iTunes.

      Best regards,
      Kelvin Mahasi

  9. Hello,

    I am dying to know what the song title is that your amazing choir sang with JRDN onstage at National We Day Ottawa this past November 10. Myself and my students just LOVED it but we cannot seem to find it. What is it called, and are we able to purchase it anywhere?

    Thank you so much! We love your music!

    Ms. Robinson & Students at Arnprior District High School

    1. Hi Ms. Robinson,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. We are happy you were inspired and enjoyed our WE Day performance. The song we did is called “Same Sky”. It is currently not released, but once it’s out, we’ll let you know. Pass our LOVE to the students.

      Best regards,
      Kelvin Mahasi

  10. Hello – I’m a reporter with Radio-Canada, Canada’s public francophone broadcaster (the French version of the CBC).
    I saw your performance before the Jets’ vs. Canucks match in Winnipeg on Wednesday night.
    I am based in Toronto, Ontario, and wondering if you will be giving a performance here anytime soon?
    I would like to do a story on your group (how you came together, mission, etc.).
    Can you let me know:
    1- Will you be performing in Toronto between now and Christmas?
    2- Anyone on your group speaks French?
    Please let me know and we could set up a shoot.
    Eve Caron

    1. Hallo Eve,

      Sorry to respond to you this late concerning your request. We had a busy schedule for the tour and we could not schedule you. The tour ended and we are now back in Kenya. We still wish to provide you with any information you may need or rather set up an online interview. Well we have a member who speaks French but only a little bit. I will be sending you the choir’s profile and introductory information on email. Looking forward to hear from you.

      Kelvin Mahasi

  11. HI,

    Just wondering if we can get permission to use 2 small sections of the track Jambo Bwana from The Kenyan Boys Choir please? Our organisation in New Zealand is working on an aid project in Kenya to improve incomes for small holder farmers in the highlands of Kenya by improving their yield from their avocado trees and I am producing a small video to show what we are doing over there. Happy to send you the link to the final version when it is ready.
    We would prefer not to have adverts before this video if possible once it is up on You Tube.

    Many thanks for your assistance

    Martin Heffer

    1. Hi Francis,

      Thank you for showing interest to join us. Keep tabs with our social media sites to be enlightened when we hold our auditions.
      However, we always strive to recruit members who reside in the city for rehearsals purposes. I wonder how you can be manoeuvre that from Chuka?

      Kelvin Mahasi

  12. Hello, I love your music. Please could you tell me what language Kikererani Lelo (Kapchesan) is in, and what it means? I find the song so moving and would love to know what it is about in English. Thank you for your help and for your beautiful singing, Lisa (U.K.)

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. We are glad you enjoy our music. The song you have mentioned is an African Folk tune from the Kalenjin community here in Kenya. It is basically a Hero’s welcoming song. The song is normally sang to teenage boys who have just completed their initiation process and have graduated to men status and ready to take up adult responsibilities in the community. In the ancient times the song was performed after the warrior have come back from battles. Feel free to contact us if you need more information on our songs.

      Best regards,
      Kelvin Mahasi

  13. Bonsoir ,
    je suis ivoirien de la côte-d’ivoire (chorale saint jean de cocody) et j’aimerai savoir comment on peut échanger ensemble des partitions en chant chrétien.
    merci de me répondre. Cordialement!

    kobenan michel

  14. Hello. I’m looking for some information about about Kayra Sillo. I’m a choral arranger and I’m interested in creating an arrangement for a choir. I’ve read that it’s a tune from Gambia and the meaning is Way of Peace. It this a folk song and is it in the public domain in America? Thanks. Lovely sound!!

  15. Dear Sir / Madame ,

    Good afternoon !

    Our institution is holding an event in April – May 2016 and part of the event to promote Kenyan cultural dances in our event .

    we might be choosing a group to perform in our event and kindly advise on procedure and charges etc so that we can short list this and finalize this .

    thanking you and kind regards

    rasik shukla

  16. Hi,my name is George and i live in Nairobi.I am a student at Kiambu High school and i was wondering how i can join the choir during holidays. I am 17 years and i believe that you can help me

    1. Hello George,

      Kindly write an email on the same to

      In the Email facilitate us with the following information:
      How old are you?
      What voice are you singing?
      How long have you been singing?
      Where do you reside?
      What do you for a living?

      Our production managers will advise further if you merited to show up for auditions.


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