Recap of our Akwa Ibom Outing in 2016

The Kenyan Boys Choir Perform in Guinness World Record largest Carol Festival

The sweet charming harmonies refined in Nairobi, Kenya on December 17, performed in the largest gathering of carol singers in the world; certified by Guinness World Record at Akwa Ibom Stadium, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

The international choral music ensemble continued to earn fans with their soul-stirring performance of “O Holy Night” that saw the audience build up from intimate whisper to the final chorus of the performance that took the stadium by storm.

This Festival which had its debut in 2008 is renowned as an evening of songs of praise and worship. Kenyan Boys Choir accomplished to be part of this year’s festival for its debut performance at the event and was advantaged to be part of the choirs cited in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Largest Group of Carol Singers in the World”.

This event routinely gets bigger than the previous by at least 15 percent and statistics of the event in 2015 revealed a large pool of over 30,000 attendants, a TV viewership in excess of 30 million and over 7 million social media interactions.

The Kenyan Boys Choir performed alongside Award-winning Gospel singer Don Moen, the most decorated acapella group from the UK ‘the PRM Band’, and local artists from Nigeria including Sammie Okposo, Buchi, Esther Edoho, Steve Crown, Elijah Oyelede, Perfecta Ekpo and Julius Nglass.

The acclaimed Christmas Carol Festival which is a Christian gathering helps strengthen the bond of unity in the state, as well as create a conducive ambiance for spirituality growth and peaceful co-existence in the Nigerian State.

Festival Review

The 9th Akwa Ibom Festival saw the Kenyan Boys Choir feature with an ensemble that was more gratified and diverse to the world. This was evident in their voices and in how they danced along to every artist’s performance during the festival.

It was amazing to see the choir being the talk of the town as every Nigerian could easily recognize them as they traveled through Lagos State, Nigeria while heading back home after the fete.

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Author: Kenyan Boys Choir

The Boys Choir of Kenya aka Kenyan Boys Choir is a group of youth drawn from different high schools, colleges and universities within Kenya . Perhaps no other African youth choir dominated peer competition like the Kenyan Boys Choir. They’ve earned acclaim abroad as a disciplined youth program with a work ethic that parallels the King’s College Cambridge Choir and the Harlem Boys Choir of New York. Whether in concert or choral workshop a show by the Boys Choir of Kenya is simply an experience – the wide vocal range, diverse pan-African repertoire, mature artistry, drama, and, oh, the costumes! They perform a wide-ranging repertoire - from traditional Masaai and Samburu chants to contemporary pieces from around Africa, modern pop music and not forgetting the regular corpus of European and American choral repertoire with other classics from around the world – Bach, Mozart, Negro Spirituals, as well as Caribbean folk songs remain mainstay. In their home country Kenya , however, audiences throng to their concerts to hear renditions of songs and chants favorite among Kenya ’s 42 main ethnic groups. Other than performing at President Barrack Obama’s Inauguration, the Kenyan Boys Choir has had the privilege to hold concerts in various parts of the world including various states in the USA , China where they had a sold out concert in the famous Beijing Music festival and the United Kingdom. Proceeds from their performances go towards paying their tuition fees, as the choir believes in bettering the lives of Youth through Performing Arts!

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